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Auto Accident Whiplash Relief and Care: 

Are you looking for a car accident chiropractor in Bellevue? Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness is a spinal trauma specialist and we offer comprehensive care for auto injuries including chiropractic adjustments, CBP ® care, massage therapydecompression therapycold laser, therapeutic exercise and nutritional supplements coordinated all in one place.  Our auto injury patients show fast recovery and lasting results.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is caused by any sudden force to your body that causes your body, often the head and neck, to “whip” back and forth.  This commonly occurs in car accidents and sports, but especially in rear-end collisions. 

The jolting forces can alter the shape of one’s spine, damage or tear connecting muscles, tendons and ligaments and overall, negatively affect the mechanics of one’s spine.  Whiplash and auto injuries are a common effect from collisions where the sudden impact of the crash can jolt the body creating many different injuries and symptoms.  You may experience any or all the following symptoms: headaches, shoulder and arm pain, vertigo, tinnitus, jaw pain, muscle spasms, weakness in the hands, headaches, chest pain, low back pain, dizziness, insomnia, radiating pain and sciatica.  Some injuries and limited mobility severely impact daily living and cause much pain and discomfort, while others have nagging pains that just won’t resolve with time.  Some symptoms of automobile accident injuries may take weeks to appear.  No matter how your auto injury is impacting your life, you should seek help in order to regain your pre-accident lifestyle.  There is hope and help with our detailed approach to relief. 

Skilled Chiropractors Provide Auto Accident Relief

Chiropractic care is a trusted solution to alleviate pain and promote healing in a natural and drug free way.  Of all the chiropractic care methods, Chiropractic Bio Physics® (CBP) is an outstanding evidence-based technique providing lasting relief by correcting the spinal alignment and posture that are the underlying cause of many whiplash injury pains.  By combining biology, physiology, physics and anatomy, CBP finds the causes of disfunction.  CBP is an evidence-based chiropractic technique backed by numerous scientific studies.  One such study published in the National Library of Medicine details how CBP treatment of Whiplash helped relieve the low back suffered after motor vehicle accidents and how the CBP technique reliably corrects spinal lordosis. 

The spine’s natural curves act as shock absorbers as they distribute forces evenly throughout the body.  When trauma like whiplash alters these curves, it leads to abnormal loading of the joints, bones, and connected discs. Trauma can cause discomfort immediately, but the misalignment of the curves can lead to long-term issues like disc decay, herniation, osteoarthritis, bone spurs and stenosis. 

Our Tailored Approach to Whiplash Treatment

We provide a comprehensive diagnosis followed by a personal report of findings to outline a care plan designed for each individual body affected by an auto injury.  Our new patient history and exam with state-of-the-art equipment like our digital x-ray, and range of motion assessment help us identify your exact injuries.  With this information, Dr. Cummins and his team develop a customized treatment plan tailored just for you. We treat many people suffering from auto injuries and even those suffering from missed diagnosis and lingering pain and problems from many years prior.  We specialize in correct examination and restoration of the whole person.  Once treated, injured ligaments, muscles and tendons exhibit proper coordination for proper function and movement.  After care at our Bellevue clinic, our patients frequently share with us how their health has been resorted to pre-accident levels, if not better!

With our precise diagnosis, spinal adjustments, postural correction, pain management, improved range of motion, and all with a holistic approach – you know you are in the best place to find caring, quick and lasting relief. 

Things Are Not Always as They Appear

It’s important to understand that whiplash doesn’t need high speeds to negatively affect people.  The immense weight of a car generates enough force even at low speeds to damage the delicate structures in your body. Have you ever thought of a car accident like a carton of eggs? When you’re buying a carton of eggs, you open it up and check for any damage, but many people don’t take this same care when it comes to car accidents. Even though your car might not appear to be damaged, there’s no telling what injuries might have occurred to your joints, muscles, and ligaments.  Participants in car crashes should seek a spinal specialist to be sure their health is not negatively impacted.  

Don’t Delay

Seek emergency care from the hospital if you have open wounds, suspect broken bones, or have a life-threatening injury.  Once cleared, find a certified CBP chiropractor for a spinal trauma analysis.   If an injury is left undiagnosed and untreated, it may cause chronic pain for months or even years. Scar tissue may limit long term mobility and function. Proper treatment optimizes joint, tendon, and ligament elasticity, reducing long-term risk for recurring pain and dysfunction. If you’ve been involved in an accident, don’t delay your checkup. Let our Bellevue Car Accident Chiropractor and well-trained support staff guide you back to gold medal health.

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