Our Health and Wellness Paradigm

Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness is Bellevue Washington’s 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractic Office. We believe that you have the right to 100:100, living at 100 percent for 100 years and beyond. 

To help you maximize your ability to heal from an injury, pain, or health problem, to identify underlying conditions that you may not feel yet, and to achieve optimum health and peak performance levels, we apply the following scientific and philosophical premises to your health care and lifestyle.

People are living longer than ever, but they are not living better. Our office can work with you and your family to keep your spine, your nervous system, and your entire body functioning at a very high level for a lifetime.

  • Don’t wait for a crisis to force you to take action on your health. 
  • Don’t wait for degeneration to set in.
  • Don’t wait until you “need” care.

Certainly if you do wait, we will be here for you to provide the chiropractic, nutritional,, and healing care you are looking for. And we will do a great job for you, getting you healthy and teaching you how to stay that way.

If you want to live your life to the fullest at every age, enjoy the environment, engage in activities, and feel young regardless of your age, you will appreciate the quality of the care and the 100 Year Lifestyle Paradigm.