Spinal Decompression Therapy In Bellevue WA

A Breakthrough Treatment

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical and drug-free answer for injuries of the neck and lower back. Spinal Decompression therapy uses computer-aided technology to apply gentle, non-surgical decompression to your spine, increasing circulation into the spinal discs and joints, thus helping to relieve the symptoms that cause pain. Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness offers this advanced resource to our patients with the following problems: Herniated discs, Bulging discs, Degenerative disc disease, Posterior facet syndrome, Sciatica (pain stemming from problems with the sciatic nerve that often shoots down the legs), Spinal stenosis.

Highly Effective Treatment

Decompression is highly effective in the management of degenerated and bulging discs, particularly when other treatments have failed. If you or someone you love and care about could benefit from decompression therapy, have them give our team a call at (425)590-9158 for a no cost consultation. We’ll find out if non-surgical spinal disc decompression is a good fit and if not, will point them in the right direction.

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