Living Pain Free

Is Life Living Pain Free?

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Life life to the fullest
On a hike along May Creek, Bellevue – this little Cummins is living life to the fullest! When she had a little fall, sure there was pain, but she got up and was able to keep hiking. That pain signaled to her to be a bit more careful.

“Life is living pain free,” read a billboard that caught our eyes as we drove along the Maple Valley freeway. In a quick glance at 60 MPH, this billboard summarizes the American health paradigm that is the talk of the nation. Is life really all about living pain free?

In this context, the word “life” is transposable with the word, “health.”  Everyone one would agree, pain and suffering are no fun.  They wear on you and they can make life miserable. But, we ask you, is real health and abundant life simply the absence of pain?

Pain and Cover-up

If you had a raging and painful headache, the third one of the week, and took an extra strength Excedrin, which quickly dissolved your headache and you began feeling normal again, would you be more healthy or more alive?  Or, if you had heart disease, your arteries filling with clogging plaque, but you could go through your normal swing of the day without experiencing an ounce of pain, would you describe yourself as healthy or more alive?

These two scenarios are common place, and neither are descriptions of health.  Most of us think that if we’re not feeling pain, that makes us healthy and nothing could be wrong.  We also usually think that when we feel pain, then there is a problem.  What’s worse is our misconception that we usually consider our pain as the problem, without addressing the underlying cause of our painful symptom.

The Underlying Cause of My Pain?

How about an alternative?  Life and health are about living to your fullest, functioning at your best, and being able to do all the things your body was designed to do: a state of optimal mental, social, and physical well being.   Pain is not an integral part of this definition, pain is a subjective mental experience, and not an accurate indicator of health.

Sick Care vs. Health Care

This is why health care primarily focused on the relief of pain and symptoms could be more accurately described as “sick care”.  The best “health care” is focused on maximizing the function and potential of the body, mind, and soul.  One of the beautiful things about the best health care is that it costs the least amount.  For the vast majority of us, what we put into our bodies, what we put into our minds, and how active we are during our waking hours will almost exclusively determine our health.

Choose True Health over Pain Relief

As the health care debate continues to engulf the nation, try to take a step back and think about how you can focus on true health by being the best you can be (and reducing your healthcare costs!)  Make the choice to live for health and not merely the absence of pain.

Some truly healthy ideas seen in action around Bellevue:

  • Walking or jogging around the neighborhood each day
  • Making meals at home with fresh ingredients
  • Carrying around a water bottle and refilling it three times daily
  • Encouraging children who compete for the local sports teams
  • Getting a good nights rest, especially when stressed mentally or physically
  • Taking a minute to be still and reflect while enjoying the view from the hills
  • Working in the yard and bringing neighbors extra flowers or produce

We hope this blog post will encourage you to live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle and to truly go for Gold Medal Health! See you at your next chiropractic visit!  If interested in care at our awesome Chiropractic Office, you can schedule your initial appointment by calling 425-590-9158 or clicking here. 

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