recovery after a strain or sprain

Recovery of Strains and Sprains: 4 Tips to Speed it Up

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recovery after a strain or sprainWant a faster recovery of your sprains or strains?  We too want you to regain your 100 Year Lifestyle and quickly get back to running, jumping or just being at your best.  Here’s how:

Protection of the Sprain/Strain Area

It’s crucial to keep the injured area safe from further harm during the healing process after strains and sprains. This means staying away from actions like sprinting and jumping that can make the condition worse. As a competitive athlete, your chiropractor and coach should determine how to keep fit while resting your injury. Using a brace or support to keep the area immobile and compressed, could stop it from moving in ways that could result in greater harm. Whether you have sprained your low back, neck, shoulder, knee or your ankle, you will need to protect the sprain or strain to prevent further injury.

Rest for Recovery

Sleep is crucial for recovering from sprains and strains. Rest reduces pain and inflammation as the body repairs the damaged tissue. Avoid overusing injured areas for proper recovery. We use the term Critical Transition to help our patients navigate this time out of Crisis and into their Optimal Performance.

Ice or Heat

Icing the injured area can help to lessen discomfort and swelling. To avoid frostbite, apply ice for 20-30 min, several times a day. Consult a chiropractor to determine if you need ice or heat to treat your injury. Typically, ice will reduce inflammation and heat will loosen tight muscles.  It is important to consult with your doctor to be sure you are applying the correct medium to give you the fastest recovery.  Heat is typically more pleasant and we understand how uncomfortable ice can be.  Listen to your doctor and follow their prescription to get back to your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle!


Reducing swelling and inflammation might be aided by elevating the afflicted area above the heart. You can accomplish this by supporting the region with a pillow or cushion.

These tips can help in the healing process after strains and sprains, but if the discomfort and swelling continue, you should see a chiropractor or a doctor. Dr. Cummins and our team at Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness are available for a free consultation to address your sprains and strains and get you back to Gold Medal Health! Chiropractic can have great results in improving the recovery of many types of sprains and strains.  Wishing you a speedy recovery of your sprains or strains!

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