Favorite Thing Summer sunset with Gold Medal Health

These Are A Few of our Favorite Things

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Summer sunset with Gold Medal Health
A summer sunset is many a Pacific Northwesterner’s favorite thing.

Sitting to take in a sunset and reading in the shade,
Gardening for hours and hiking the Cascades,
Jogging with friends and pushing kids on the swings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

You know the song from the Sound of Music about favorite things…. raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  At Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness, we also have lists of our favorite things. Dr. Cummins loves to throw his daughters up in the pool and hear them beg to do it again and again.  Anna loves sitting on a dock with feet dangling in cool water next to her family and taking in a sunset.

Can you do your favorite things?

How about you? What do you love to do? Are you able to enjoy it to the fullest?

If our bodies are at optimum health, we often can enjoy our favorite things more fully, longer, and with our full attention.  There are times though where circumstance or poor lifestyle choices have led to a decrease in our health and we can no longer enjoy our favorite things because of our decreased health.  If you have had a decrease in your general adaptive potential (your GAP), you may be feeling sad, depressed and feeling as though you can’t make any progress forward.

Does it hurt to sit in the car so you can’t drive to Mt. Rainier National Park? Does your knee pain prevent you from walking with your best friend? Does your lack of fitNNESS prevent you from playing at the park?

Now, you have a choice…

You can completely forget all of these favorite things and only have them as a fleeting memory of what used to be and stay stuck where you are spiraling further and further from the joys you once used to love OR you can take action to have a life of optimum health.  Today, choose optimum health.  Choose to move towards an increase in your capacity to enjoy your favorite things.

Move towards Optimum, Reach for Your Favorite Things

Doctors of chiropractic exist to bring you to Gold Medal Health, to your best and most optimum of health.  Each patient we are privileged to serve has a unique set of circumstances and a unique body.  One person’s optimum is not another’s.   We can make a plan to help you move closer to your best.  Would you like to take that first step?

We have time set aside in our schedule for new patients and for patients who would like to reactivate a chiropractic journey they started with us in the past.  We can schedule your special time to make your health plan TODAY.  Whatever your biggest challenges are, most likely, we have seen them before and are equipped to help you overcome them or direct you to someone who can.  Your body is amazing.  You can and should strive to be your  best self.  Call us at 425-590-9158 or use our online scheduler to take the first step on moving back towards optimum and your favorite things today!

If there is an activity you are struggling to enjoy – like sitting for long periods of time watching a sunset, give us a call and we can help you get back to your best life. Gold Medal Health awaits. For most folks, it shouldn’t hurt to sit – adventure on with us.

By Anna Cummins, Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist, mother of 6, and co-owner of Cummins Chiropractic

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